Payment Plans

Here at Designer Kidz Boutique we understand that keeping your child's wardrobe updated and keeping payments up can be stressful. We are here to help. For as long as we can remember we have helped our customers by offering payment plans. This allows customers to enjoy a stress free shopping experience with us.

What is a payment plan?

A payment plan is a plan for paying an outstanding specific amount of money. A payment plan includes the period in which the payments need to be paid within and how much regular payments should be. 

How do our payment plans work?

Here at Designer Kidz Boutique we want you to have a stress and pressure free experience while shopping with us. This is why we give you EIGHT WEEKS to pay your payment from the date of order. That is two months! This period requires regular payments, starting with 25% of your total bill. We ask you to pay half of your bill within the first four weeks, and the rest over another four weeks. After all payments have been made your items will be ready to be collected or delivered to you.**postage charges are additional** Items can be added to your plan at anytime. Similarly, items can be removed from your plan at anytime. As items have been secured, they will no longer be available for anyone else to purchase. If cancelled, payment plans are non-refundable. At Designer Kidz Boutique we allow exchanges of items or credit notes for the money paid on the payment plan. PLEASE NOTE SALE ITEMS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR PAYMENT PLANS. Payment plans must be kept up to date and payments must not fall behind. If not collected, unfortunately you will not be able to set up any future payment plans with us and will lose all deposits. 

How can I start a payment plan?

Use the code PAYMENTPLAN25 at the checkout to make your first payment of 25%.  After the first payment has been made we will keep you updated on your regular payments and when they need to be paid by. This can be done by text messages, phone calls or emails. Please make sure you allow these marketing types as it is the way in which we will contact you. Please contact us prior to payment so we don’t miss any payments. These are the ways in which regular payments can be made :

  • PayPal -
  • Card payments over the phone-01514268922



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